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Courier service in Lugano

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La Tettoia

Via d'Argine 5, 6930 Bedano
Metal and steel constructionGreenhouse, greenhouse glassStaircase, ParapetFacadesRoofing
About us | Our products

A Swiss company that has been active for 40 years (1982 - 2022) in the field of building and street decoration products.Thanks to the quality of our products, as well as the careful selection of first-class suppliers, we have succeeded over the years in establishing ourselves and conquering the Swiss and international markets.Our strong point is our aluminium profiles: we have designed, developed and patented them; this allows us to meet the needs of our demanding customers by offering customisable products.Thanks to our constant striving for improvement, as well as the study and development of our products, we are proud to have been able to obtain: the TÜV quality mark for several products and the SWISS LABEL mark.An important recognition obtained in 2020 is the EN 1090 Certification (CE marking): conformity of factory production control for metal products with structural uses. In Ticino, we represent company such as Büwa (modular partitions for WCs and lockers), Renz (letterboxes and mail distributors), Kern-Studer (cellar partitions), Pratic (pergolas and awnings), Emco (doormats and technical mats) and St. Vitrinen (noticeboards, display cases and showcases). Our production is split into 6 different product families:- "LaTettoia” (shelter systems): carports, entrance, stair and passageway covers, bus shelters, terrace covers, Smoking Points, sports bench covers;- "Ciclopark" (articles for slow mobility): shelters for cycles and motorbikes, parking systems for bicycles and scooters and charging and maintenance stations;- “Berbox": mail post box;- 'Gaia Line': wardrobe furniture, outdoor furniture components and protective screens;- "Trenntop": cellar and multifunctional partitions;- "Stendi": universal clotheslines. LA TETTOIACARPORTCarports to suit every aesthetic taste and requirement: cantilever, lean-to, single or modular etc.The structures are similar, what changes is the shape of the roof (arched, flat, pyramidal or with different shapes and architectural features) and the material used (compact or structural Plexiglas sheets, polycarbonate, trapezoidal sheet metal and modular aluminium slats).ENTRANCE SHELTERSEvery structure, building or entrance is different; this is why our covers adapt to the stylistic tastes of our customers, whether in terms of the material used (compact/structural Plexiglas sheets or laminated glass sheets), the type of wall anchoring (from a minimal and discreet fixing, to a decorative structure) or the shape required ( arched, flat, pyramidal or with diversified shapes and architectural features).TERRACE COVERSAll our terrace covers are ideal for protecting your patio from sun and weather.They can be either lean-to or free-standing, depending on the request, and come with a set of accessories: closing walls, lighting, drainage channel, etc.WALKWAY AND STAIRWAY SHELTERSWe have developed covers designed for the protection of walkways and stairs in public or private environments, to provide protection where required.Our coverings can be made of compact or structural Plexiglas sheets, vaulted, flat, pyramidal or with different shapes and architectural features.LETTERBOX & CHECKOUT COVERSWe have used our knowledge to adapt our covers to letterbox and automatic checkout systems. They are suitable for both private and public places.For each construction, we guarantee design according with current standards.BUS SHELTERSOur bus shelters are varied to suit different locations. Using different roof shapes and materials, the design phase is very important and takes into account the SIA regulations of the location for which they are intended.MULTIFUNCTIONAL FENCESFences with a tasteful design, ideal for visual screening, decorative fencing and dividing walls. Great for protecting a private space, but also suitable for separating public property.SMOKING POINTSheltered smoking area for outdoors. Elegant cylindrical or cubic design, perfect for restaurants, bars, offices, public and private companies, banks, hospitals, etc. The supporting structure is made of extruded aluminium profiles, the infill with compact Plexiglas and the protective cover is made of synthetic resin panels.

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