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Nursing and home care association in Lugano

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Il Gabbiano - Assistenza Infermieristica di Base e Psichiatrica, Cure a domicilio

Via Ligornetto 27, 6854 S. Pietro
Home health agencyHome health careOutpatient servicesTransport for the handicappedSpitexNursing and home care associationPsychiatric
Il Gabbiano "Qualità, professionalità e passione nell'assistenza domiciliare"

WHO WE ARE: We are a team made up of independent nurses and certified nursing assistants with several years of experience in healthcare facilities and on the territory. We offer general, palliative and psychiatric nursing care at home to sick, disabled, elderly and people with mental illness. We operate in the Lower Ceresio, Mendrisiotto, Luganese and Bellinzonese areas. FEATURES OF OUR SERVICES: In the field of mental health and psychiatry we use an integrative approach, using different tools such as psychoeducation, coaching, motivational interview, active listening and breathing techniques.We offer personalized care; centered on the real needs of the user, encouraging our users to achieve the goals of the care plan. We constantly evaluate the results to find the best care solutions.From the first interview, we are committed to creating a relationship of trust with our users. The keys to achieving this goal are: empathy and a nurse-user relationship based on human warmth.Healing takes time, one being for the other. For this reason, we dedicate to our users all the time necessary for their care path, without haste.Our work is mainly based on the nurse-patient relationship. For this reason we limit the number of operators that revolve around users to ensure their peace of mind, the continuous visits of the same operators favor the establishment of a privileged relationship with our users and their families.While carrying out our work at the user's home, we pay the utmost attention to every detail, ensuring maximum safety, not only as regards the technical aspects but also as regards the human and relational aspects.For each user we create a personalized nursing care plan, which is shared with the healthcare network, family members (if any), family doctor and specialist doctors.We invest in our continuous training to maintain a high standard of care. Our work is based on the latest scientific evidence.We guarantee compliance with professional secrecy and the ethical and deontological rules of the nursing profession.Offered services: General nursing carePsychiatric CarePalliative CareNursing consultancy For more information you can: Consult the website www.ilgabbianolibero.ch Call +41 77 929 19 44 Contact us by e-mail at ilgabbianolibero@bluewin.ch The first contact can take place through a phone call, a whatsapp message, an SMS or directly on the Start Who we are Psychiatric Care Exams and treatments Basic care Advice and advice

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Curami Sagl

Via Moree 3, 6850 Mendrisio
SpitexHome health careHome health agencyOutpatient servicesIn-building serviceNursing and home care association

Welcome to Curami: Your Hub for Home Care in the Heart of Ticino, with a Specific Focus on the Sottoceneri District. We are a Spitex dedicated to providing care and support to the sick, elderly, or disabled individuals directly in the comfort of their home. Who We Are Curami, derived from "Spitalexterne," is your dedicated ally to ensure that patients can stay home for as long as possible, avoiding hospitalization whenever feasible. Our team comprises highly qualified healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, social and health workers (OSS), caregivers, health collaborators, caregivers, and staff specializing in domestic economy. Our Services: Details and Dedication to Your Health 1. Tailored Home Care: At Curami, we commit to providing tailored home care, adapting to the specific needs of each patient. This includes: Preventive and Rehabilitative Care: Continuous health monitoring. Personalized rehabilitation plans to promote recovery. Continuous Assistance: Constant presence to ensure patients' well-being. Management of pharmacological therapies as per medical prescriptions. 2. Comprehensive Range of Health Services: Our offering encompasses a wide range of health services to address all patient needs: Specialized Nursing Care: Medication administration. Treatments for wounds and injuries. Physical and Rehabilitative Therapies: Customized exercise programs. Treatments to enhance mobility. Social Assistance: Support for social and administrative issues. Activation of social benefits and other resources. 3. Highly Qualified Multidisciplinary Team: Our team of healthcare professionals consists of highly qualified individuals, each with specific expertise: Registered Nurses and Social and Health Workers (OSS): Experience in medical care and daily assistance. Caregivers and Health Collaborators: Provide dedicated support for daily activities. Domestic Economy Staff: Ensure efficient management of domestic tasks. 4. Personalization of Care: Our approach aims to provide highly personalized care, considering various factors: Health Condition Assessment: In-depth analysis of the patient's medical condition. Listening to Specific Requests: Adapting care to the patient's needs and preferences. 5. Involvement of Families: We acknowledge the importance of family support in the care process: Emotional Support and Instructions: Provide emotional support to families. Detailed instructions to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. 6. Promotion of Autonomy: Our main goal is to enable patients to maintain a high level of autonomy: Autonomous Management Plans: Develop personalized plans for daily management. Training and Ongoing Support: Offer continuous training to improve daily management skills. 7. Coordination with the Healthcare System: We work closely with the healthcare system to ensure continuity of care: Continuous Communication with Doctors and Specialists: Regular reports and constant updates. Integration into Comprehensive Care: Ensure our care seamlessly integrates with other treatments. 8. Integrated Social Service: We recognize that health challenges often extend beyond the medical realm: Administrative and Legal Support: Assistance with bureaucratic and legal issues related to health. Connections to Social Resources: Guidance toward external social resources when necessary. In summary, Curami offers a comprehensive and dedicated approach to healthcare, providing a wide range of highly specialized and personalized services. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for patients, enabling them to live independently in their home environment. Contact us today to embark on a tailored care journey for yourself or your loved ones.

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