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Optician in Lugano

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Centro Optometrico Training Visivo

Via Giulio Pocobelli 14, 6815 Melide
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WHO I AM I am an Optometrist specialized in Visual Training with a Master's in Neuro-Visual Postural Clinic. Twenty years of study and practice have allowed me to become a professional in the visual system. Through my examinations with postural attention, I conduct comparison tests that enable me to prescribe more comfortable corrections and determine whether discomfort arises from visual or other origins. Additionally, with my visual training program, I aid in the rebalancing and agility of your eyes. The optometric visual analysis is conducted by an optometrist who investigates how the eyes function from a functional perspective. Functionally, this refers to the quality of work that the eyes and the brain undertake during visual processing, as well as how information coming from the eyes is transmitted to the central nervous system to ensure comfortable, clear, and singular vision with a stable perception of one's body in space. It's not just about the quantity of vision the visual system can achieve, but rather the quality and coordination the system must have to carry out visual tasks with less energy expenditure, avoiding the development of disturbing symptoms and, above all, preventing visual and visuo-postural alterations. During an optometric visual analysis, the following aspects are evaluated: Visual dominance and quantity, both near and far Accommodative flexibility and range (the lens' ability to focus) Vergence flexibility and range (convergence and divergence fusion) Fusion abilities (maintaining clear and singular vision) in static and dynamic contexts Disassociated bi-ocular alignment, both static and dynamic Quality of visual pursuit movements Quality of saccadic movements (jerky movements typical during reading), even with crowded targets Visual Training is a specific training for the visual system that helps us to see and process stimuli better through exercises that teach us to improve our skills. It intervenes at the functional level, identifying areas for improvement and training visual abilities following an ophthalmological evaluation. At my Optometric Center in Melide, we search for the cause of your eye problems in order to work specifically on their manifestation. Vision is strongly integrated with posture and body movement. Eye movements react to stimuli, coordinating not only movement and balance but also enabling the first fundamental cognitive hypotheses in our daily lives. To ensure subjectivity in the improvement of abilities, I have introduced the "Jet Program," which, through protocols and reports, guarantees and documents the achieved improvements. Thanks to an optometric examination with visual postural attention, a performance profile analysis conducted with the Jet Program, and a personalized and targeted exercise protocol, my clients have learned to better manage fatigue, concentration, and prevent visual alterations. Professionals who spend long hours in front of a computer now find it easier to read, study, and memorize. Many children and teenagers achieve better reading and learning abilities. Significant improvements are also seen in their sports performance. Older users adapt to and tolerate progressive lenses better, exhibiting much greater stability in their balance and perception of their body in the surrounding space. Today, more than ever, our eyes need movement and flexibility—let's help them feel better! OPTICS Welcome to the Visual Training Optometric Center in Melide, the ideal place for those seeking exceptional and personalized optical services. As professional optometrists, we are committed to providing a unique and attentive experience that no other optical center can match. Our specialty lies in artisanal frames, crafted by hand with care and skill. Each pair of glasses is unique and can be fully customized to perfectly suit your style and visual needs. Our wide selection of frames includes models for both prescription glasses and sunglasses. We are dedicated to offering only the best quality for our products, using high-end materials. Our frames are made with Mazzucchelli plates and titanium, ensuring durability and uncompromised comfort. We collaborate with prestigious niche brands such as L.G.R, Glare, I wear 1946, Etnia Barcelona, Nina Ricci, Escada, Lozza, Philip Plein, Raen, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Dior, Eye am, Look, and Lookkino, Rocco, and Barocco. As for lenses, we only provide the best. We work with Optiswiss lenses, renowned for their superior optical quality. We are capable of meeting a wide range of visual needs and offer professional advice for various vision problems. Additionally, we have a vast selection of contact lenses for those who prefer this option. At the Visual Training Optometric Center, your visual well-being is our top priority. We are here to provide you with a highly personalized and professional service that exceeds your expectations. Visit us in Melide and discover the difference that a quality optical center can make for you.

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