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Sophrology in Nyon

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Centre d'Ecoute et de Santé Fleur Tomatis

Chemin du Couchant 17, 1180 Rolle
Tomatis Listening Center Rolle

Tomatis Listening Center in Rolle « The voice can only reproduce what the ear can hear » This discovery, published in 1957 by the French Academy of Science under the name of TOMATIS EFFECT, is at the heart of the method that uses it. An Ear that is blocked or traumatized at different moments of its development, loses its ability to hear optimally. Dr. Alfred TOMATIS showed that by modifying someone’s auditory capacity that the person’s behaviour and language are automatically transformed. To do this he created a device called the « Electronic Ear ». "LISTENING IS MUCH MORE THAN HEARING" Numerous applications of the Tomatis Method are generally grouped under “Listening and Communication”. The Electronic Ear corrects listening difficulties thanks to “auditory gymnastics”. With severe problems the auditory training can work with or prepare for other treatments. - Learning Difficulties - Language Integration - Pregnant Women - Seniors (redynamisation) - Voice, Music and Singing - Stress Start with an AUDIO-PSYCHO-PHONOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT Before doing listening re-education, a child or adult needs a listening assessment (APPA). This involves a background evaluation where the child’s history is noted in detail, followed by a series of tests(listening, laterality, psychological, spatialization…) The child and parents (preferably both the mother and father) are then interviewed by a Tomatis consultant. The assessment, which lasts approximately 2 hours, is necessary to determine the child’s potential and in what ways the Tomatis Method could be recommended.

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