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Bathroom renovation in Sierre

: 14 Entries

Cléa Bourguinet Architecture

Avenue du Château de la Cour 4, 3960 Sierre
Architectural firmGreen BuildingStructural biology
My Vision

To discover my projects, click here Architecture is the learned music of spaces, volumes and light in an environment. Nowadays, lifestyles are changing. Between the imperatives of modernity and environmental balance, architecture reinvents itself. The current challenges of construction require an opening to ecology and greater collaboration with the actors of well-being and health. Between home, work and other indoor activities, we spend about 85% of our time in buildings! But if the air outside is polluted, the air inside is often of poorer quality. Numerous studies and analyses have shown that prolonged exposure to chemicals, but also to electrical waves and geobiological disturbances, can cause significant health problems. For these reasons, as soon as I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Fribourg, I enthusiastically followed several approaches and trainings in feng shui, geobiology, and on the electrical pollution of our homes. I also became interested in the different possibilities of integrating alternative finishing materials. I propose to my clients the possibility of going further in a global and healthy vision of the habitat, while keeping a reasonable budget and adapted to their situation. Architecture is a passion!

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