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All Psychotherapy (General) in Zurich

da Lang Psychotherapie

PsychotherapieShimi Lang

Psychotherapy (General) in Zurich

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da Lang Psychotherapie – Contacts & Location


Shimi Lang



Forms of contact

By telephone,In-store


Close to public transport,In city center,Parking site

Other criteria

Clarification discussion,Crisis intervention

Psychotherapeutic treatments

Cognitive behavioural therapy,Conversational psychotherapy,Systematic therapy


ADHD & ADS: Attention disorders,Addiction disorders,Adolescence,Affective disorders (depression / bipolar disorders),Anxiety disorders,Borderline & personality disorders,Burnout & fatigue syndrome,Compulsions and neuroses,Eating disorders, anorexia nervosa /anorexia, bulimia,General basic psychiatric care,Migration-related problems,Outpatient crisis intervention,Psychosis & schizophrenia,Psychosomatic & somatoform disorders,Psychotherapy,Psychotraumatology

Therapy type

Psychotherapy (General)PsychologyAdult therapyChild therapyChild and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapyCouple and family therapyCognitive therapyPsychotherapy (Psychological psychotherapists)Doctors

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