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Swiss cuisine in Bellinzona

Swiss cuisine in Bellinzona, recommended by local.ch

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Swiss cuisine in Bellinzona, top rated on local.ch

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Swiss cuisine in Bellinzona

: 34 Entries

Pizza Napoli

Via Henri Guisan 6, 6500 Bellinzona
Pizza Take AwayPizza deliveryPizzeria
Come and taste it!

The idea developed by a Neapolitan directly from Basel to Ticino New pizzeria in Bellinzona near the Veneta ice cream parlor. Oh yes, this new offer born during the 2020 pandemic is a burning story. And then, with all the pizzerias in Bellinzona. It speaks of the courage of a Neapolitan who arrived from Basel in Ticino. But who is responsible for the Pizza Napoli products? His name is Gaetano Liguori, born not far from Bellinzona, in Luino of Neapolitan parents. According to his story, he grew up with all the Neapolitan sensations, about food, bread making, culture and pizza. Then during his training as a cook in Ticino, with an emphasis on French cuisine, he learned the whole Swiss culinary base and after that also the Ticino tastes. After twenty years of experience, he felt like continuing his training and chose pizza, on the other hand he was already inclined in an innate way. Having gained ten years of experience, he went to Basel, where he found an environment that made him grow further professionally, rediscovering skills, affinity to his roots and his identity. So his pizzeria which is now called Pizza Napoli was the first to have a hit in central Basel. Appreciated as the best! That pizza Napoli is establishing itself in Bellinzona is a fact, even if we can see that it does so with a shy step, almost like an experiment. But in reality it is a clear offer that has not yet been revealed to everyone. All a discovery.

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