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Urology in Bern

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JEM Medical GmbH

Glutz-Blotzheim-Strasse 1, 4500 Solothurn
Workplace safetyHospital supplyMedical Products
Import + distribution B2C+B2B of pers. protective equipment and medical devices

Distribution for Switzerland of the extensive high-quality PPE range from Pyramex Safety USA: Safety glasses, hearing protection, protective gloves, heat protection clothing, etc. web: www.schutzbrillen.biz - www.pyramexsafety.com Trade in clinical supplies and medical consumables from various manufacturers for surgery, anesthesia, gastroenterology, proctology, gynecology, urology, central sterilization, etc. websites: www.op-produkte.ch - www.steri.ch - online shop: follows soon Sterile covers for surgical equipment, such as lamp handles, image intensifiers (C-arm), microscopes, laparoscopic cameras, gamma probes, ultrasound probes, ERCP drapes, urology tables, saline basins, various universal covers, etc. Sterile skin markers Eye protection for healthcare workers: Disposable film visors for the eye area or face for infection control and pandemic prophylaxis Patient eye protection: Contoured eye patches to protect the cornea of anesthetized patients Medical cleaning brushes for instruments Prep Glove: Self-adhesive glove for efficient, pre-operative residual hair removal Cleanroom self-adhesive mats to reduce dirt entry in operating areas, laboratories, etc. Rapid test Pronto Dry IVD, biopsy test (RUT), for Helicobacter Pylori diagnosis, web: www.pronto-dry.com Colon Transit, diagnostic product with radiopaque markers for diagnosing constipation Vapor-Clean anesthetic gas filters for intraoperative MH prophylaxis, web. www.dynasthetics.com

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