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Urology in Zurich

: 19 Entries

JEM Medical GmbH

Glutz-Blotzheim-Strasse 1, 4500 Solothurn
Workplace safetyHospital supplyMedical Products
Import + distribution B2C+B2B of pers. protective equipment and medical devices

Distribution for Switzerland of the extensive high-quality PPE range from Pyramex Safety USA: Safety glasses, hearing protection, protective gloves, heat protection clothing, etc. web: www.schutzbrillen.biz www.pyramexsafety.com Trade in clinical supplies and medical consumables from various manufacturers for surgery, anesthesia, gastroenterology, proctology, gynecology, urology, central sterilization, etc.: Sterile covers for surgical equipment, such as lamp handles, image intensifiers (C-arm), microscopes, laparoscopic cameras, gamma probes, ultrasound probes, ERCP drapes, urology tables, saline basins, various universal covers, etc. Sterile skin markers Eye protection for healthcare workers: Disposable film visors for the eye area or face for infection control and pandemic prophylaxis Patient eye protection: Contoured eye patches to protect the cornea of anesthetized patients Medical cleaning brushes for instruments Prep Glove: Self-adhesive glove for efficient, pre-operative residual hair removal Cleanroom self-adhesive mats to reduce dirt entry in operating areas, laboratories, etc. Rapid test Pronto Dry IVD, biopsy test (RUT), for Helicobacter Pylori diagnosis Colon Transit, diagnostic product with radiopaque markers for diagnosing constipation Vapor-Clean anesthetic gas filters for intraoperative MH prophylaxis

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