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Energetic therapy in Bulle

Energetic therapy in Bulle, recommended by local.ch

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Energetic therapy in Bulle, top rated on local.ch

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Energetic therapy in Bulle

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Rue de la Berra 25, 1630 Bulle
Energetic therapyGuidance, supportPastoral care by telephone

As an energy therapist and primary-school teacher, I am committed to offering you follow-up or care adapted to various needs. For children and pre-teens: School support and personal development tools, energetic treatments to release various blockages to learning (at my home office). Workshops to "learn how to learn" and to better understand oneself, tips for both school learning and personal well-being (at Coralliance, Morlon). For adolescents and young adults: An advice-listening-care space to distance oneself from what one is experiencing. Personal follow-up in person or at a distance (at my home office). Personal development workshops to acquire greater confidence and self-knowledge (at Coralliance, Morlon). For the youngest (18 months - 4 years): A distance care by phone, a listening and a benevolent exchange with the parents. Care that is sometimes addressed to the child, sometimes to the parent or to all, depending on the circumstances. For adults: Care that allows you to better find yourself on your life path, more aligned with your own needs. It brings a sense of peace. Need guidance? A listening ear? I work both face-to-face and remotely. ---------------------------- The approach I propose is part of a search for understanding what is going on within oneself (heart-body-soul-spirit). By going to the meeting of the knots, blockings, internal/external tensions, even at the origin of a trauma; issues underlying a malaise or a suffering appear. Physical pain can be treated on various levels. It often reveals buried emotions. Personal development work is often the trigger for the healing and self-healing process. I accompany you with great respect towards a global well-being. I look forward to meeting you, reading or hearing from you. Sincerely yours, ISABELLE ☀️❤️ In person : Centre Coralliance SNC Clos Derrey 12 1638 Morlon www.centre-coralliance.com Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Open until 11:30 o’clock

La Main qui Soigne - Reiki, massages et thérapies à Charmey

La Chaudalla 65, 1637 Charmey (Gruyère)
ReikiHealth and sports massageEnergetic therapy

DISCOVER MY RANGE OF TREATMENTS AND THERAPIES, IN GRUYERE OR AT HOME. REIKI Reiki is a holistic method of Japanese origin belonging to the so-called "energetic" approaches. It involves awakening a dynamic healing process in each of us by acting on the person's vibratory field. Practised according to the SHIKI RYOHO method by Dr MIKAO USUI.REIKI initiationsREIKI treatments BREUSS MASSAGE The gentle Breuss massage is a manual, delicate and energetic massage that can resolve mental and physical blockages. It regenerates the spinal column and intervertebral discs, improving the functioning of all the organs. It promotes general well-being. Many back problems can be treated very easily, safely and successfully, as one of its main features is the gentle stretching of the spine. DORN MASSAGE The Dorn method is a gentle treatment of the vertebrae and joints. It can be used to treat problems that are directly or indirectly related to the spine. It is therefore particularly recommended for any acute sciatic or back pain. METAMORPHIC MASSAGE Metamorphic massage is based on the reflexotherapy technique, which involves applying pressure to reflex zones on the body (especially the feet) that represent all the organs. The metamorphic technique is an extremely pleasant massage that awakens the patient's consciousness, liberating the expression of his or her deepest identity and resolving the blocked patterns that lie at the root of many health problems. The metamorphic massage goes far beyond simple relaxation: the feet correspond to being rooted in life; the hands, to the way of acting; and the head, to the way of thinking. So the massage acts on all three levels and produces a metamorphosis that the person experiences as something subtle and effortless. MEDIUM A medium is someone who is sensitive to influences or phenomena not perceptible to the five senses. The ability to communicate with spirits is an ancient idea. In Antiquity, Roman vestals and Greek sibyls were supposedly endowed with this ability. NUMEROLOGY Numerology enables us to determine a person's karmic situation and the nature of the missions they are destined to carry out, based on their date of birth as well as their first and last names. In many respects, Tibetan karmic numerology is similar to classical numerology (parameters, numbers, calculations). The information obtained is important because it gives everyone the opportunity to work on improving their Self, in all areas of their life. ANIMALS I practise reboutage for animals by telephone call. My legged clients are mainly cattle, horses and pets. I work on joint injuries (dislocations, tendonitis, etc.) as well as rheumatic, neuralgic or muscular pain (osteoarthritis, sciatica, contractures, etc.). PLACES The energetic cleansing of premises consists of removing negative energy from all premises: flats, houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, land, etc. The result is a healthy environment with less fatigue, tension, stress and illness.

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