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Notary publicin Geneva

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Notary public in Geneva

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Notaires à Carouge (Genève)

Place d'Armes 20, 1227 Carouge (GE)
Notary publicTax advice

In Switzerland, notaries practice their profession in strict legal frameworks, which are defined at the cantonal level. In particular, the swisNot notarial network, founded on the principles of impartiality, competence, dynamism and, of course, strict respect for professional secrecy, was created on 1 January 2000. Immovable Sales Promises and Forward Sales Acts of sale and purchase Mortgage and mortgage schedules Donations Divisions and plot meetings Servitudes Surface rights Properties by floors Real estate gains and gains tax Tax on capital appreciation Real estate companies (SI) and real estate companies of tenants (SIAL). Successions Certificates of heirs Inventory Tax declarations of succession Cadastral changes Inheritance shares Company Constitution of SA and Sàrl Building foundations Establishment of associations Mergers, divisions, transformations and transfers of assets Amendments to Articles of Association Liquidation Entries and cancellations from the Swiss Commercial Register Legalizations Legalization of signatures Compliant copies of documents Heritage planning Wedding Contracts Registered partnership agreements Donations Mandates for incapacity Wills and holographs Inheritance pacts Union Donation Last Will Various Guarantees Power of Attorney Deposit Escrow Agent Various attestations

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