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Oral surgery in Lugano

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NioDent SA - Studio Dentistico

Via Maggio 21, 6900 Lugano
DentistImplantologyDental clinic
NioDent Dental Studio - Lugano Dental Medical Center

The NioDent dental practice is at your disposal for dental care and is at your side in prevention.Thanks to the presence of professional dentists you will be guided towards the most suitable treatment to solve your problem.HISTORY, CLINICAL EXAMINATION, RADIOGRAPHIC SURVEY, if prescribed by a doctor, DIAGNOSIS AND ANY CARE PLAN will guarantee you the certainty of a solution to your problem. Discover NioDent, Lugano dentist. NIODENT DENTAL TREATMENTS PREVENTION WITH PROFESSIONAL VISIT AND TEETH CLEANING The first-class filling treatment includes: a specialist clinical and radiographic examination (if prescribed by the dentist), the removal of caries using rotary or manual instruments, the preparation of the tooth to receive the restoration, the filling of the cavity with composite materials of the same color as the tooth, the aesthetic-anatomical modeling of the restoration and the articulation. The professional visit with teeth cleaning ends with polishing. AESTHETIC DENTISTRY Aesthetic dentistry is the set of techniques, technologies and materials that allow you to treat patients and solve mouth problems by restoring or improving the initial aesthetic appearance. Teeth whitening treatments, veneers and composite restorations. Do you want to improve your smile? Rely on the NioDent team of expert dentists to achieve your goals! DENTAL PROSTHESIS A dental prosthesis is a medical device that artificially replaces the original set of teeth. The dental prosthesis can be fixed or mobile and is used in case of loss or compromise of the natural dentition. Do you need a denture? Trust our dentists to find the perfect one for you: fixed dentures, mobile dentures, latest generation dentures. IMMEDIATE LOADING IMPLANTOLOGY Immediate loading implantology is the implantology technique that we carry out to get our patients' fixed teeth back in less than 24 hours. The term "Immediate Load" means that the teeth are immediately placed on the dental implants in a fixed way (therefore it is not a removable prosthesis). Trust our expert dentists for your all-on-four dental implant. Discover all the NioDent dental treatments: Prevention and Hygiene Oral Surgery Dental Occlusion Diagnosis Aesthetic dentistry Conservative dentistry Implantology Immediate loading implantology Computer Guided Implantology Dental prosthesis Periodontology Diode laser Endodontics Orthodontics Pedodontics Gnato-Posturology For any question you can contact us.

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