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Periodontology in Lugano

: 8 Entries

Studio Dentistico Dotesio SA

Via Lisano 3, 6900 Massagno
DentistDental hygienePeriodontologyImplantologyDental bleaching
Studio Dentistico Dr Danilo Dotesio e Dr.ssa Maria Di Martino

La vostra salute è la nostra prioprità e riteniamo che tutti abbiano il diritto a masticare e sorridere nella massima serenità.Siamo un giovane Team fortemente motivato e offriamo prestazioni odontoiatriche di alta qualità in un ambiente accogliente, in linea con i migliori standard igienici e qualitativi. Il nostro Team segue costantemente corsi di aggiornamento per fornirvi prestazioni sempre migliori e all’avanguardia. Siamo inoltre particolarmente attenti affiché il nostro lavoro corrisponda alle aspettative terapeutiche ed estetiche di ogni paziente. Il campo d’attività del Dr Danilo Dotesio copre tutta la medicina dentaria in generale, mentre la Dr.ssa Maria Di Martino si occupa di parodontologia e chirurgia parodontale. Pulizia dentale * Parodontologia * Conservativa * Restauri in ceramica (CEREC) * Corone e ponti * Protesi dentale * Endodonzia * Impianti dentali * Invisalign * Sbiancamento dentale * Pedodonzia * Dolori mascellari * Digrignamento dei denti * Estrazione denti del giudizio * Terapia fotodinamica * Urgenze dentarie * Radiografie digitali * Trattamenti in narcosi * Brillantini ai denti * Anestesia indolore Wand® Plus * Paradenti sportivo * Analisi digitale occlusione dentale Teethan®

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Opens at 7:30 o’clock

NioDent SA - Studio Dentistico

Via Maggio 21, 6900 Lugano
DentistImplantologyDental clinic
NioDent Dental Studio - Lugano Dental Medical Center

The NioDent dental practice is at your disposal for dental care and is at your side in prevention.Thanks to the presence of professional dentists you will be guided towards the most suitable treatment to solve your problem.HISTORY, CLINICAL EXAMINATION, RADIOGRAPHIC SURVEY, if prescribed by a doctor, DIAGNOSIS AND ANY CARE PLAN will guarantee you the certainty of a solution to your problem. Discover NioDent, Lugano dentist. NIODENT DENTAL TREATMENTS PREVENTION WITH PROFESSIONAL VISIT AND TEETH CLEANING The first-class filling treatment includes: a specialist clinical and radiographic examination (if prescribed by the dentist), the removal of caries using rotary or manual instruments, the preparation of the tooth to receive the restoration, the filling of the cavity with composite materials of the same color as the tooth, the aesthetic-anatomical modeling of the restoration and the articulation. The professional visit with teeth cleaning ends with polishing. AESTHETIC DENTISTRY Aesthetic dentistry is the set of techniques, technologies and materials that allow you to treat patients and solve mouth problems by restoring or improving the initial aesthetic appearance. Teeth whitening treatments, veneers and composite restorations. Do you want to improve your smile? Rely on the NioDent team of expert dentists to achieve your goals! DENTAL PROSTHESIS A dental prosthesis is a medical device that artificially replaces the original set of teeth. The dental prosthesis can be fixed or mobile and is used in case of loss or compromise of the natural dentition. Do you need a denture? Trust our dentists to find the perfect one for you: fixed dentures, mobile dentures, latest generation dentures. IMMEDIATE LOADING IMPLANTOLOGY Immediate loading implantology is the implantology technique that we carry out to get our patients' fixed teeth back in less than 24 hours. The term "Immediate Load" means that the teeth are immediately placed on the dental implants in a fixed way (therefore it is not a removable prosthesis). Trust our expert dentists for your all-on-four dental implant. Discover all the NioDent dental treatments: Prevention and Hygiene Oral Surgery Dental Occlusion Diagnosis Aesthetic dentistry Conservative dentistry Implantology Immediate loading implantology Computer Guided Implantology Dental prosthesis Periodontology Diode laser Endodontics Orthodontics Pedodontics Gnato-Posturology For any question you can contact us.

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Opens at 9:00 o’clock


Via Serafino Balestra 9, 6900 Lugano
PracticeAesthetic medicineDentist

The choice of the name IME HELVETIA, i.e. Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, stems from the inescapable awareness of the affinity between health and beauty, between medicine and thus psycho-physical well-being and aesthetics. It has always been difficult to find a meeting point between medical science and beauty. History and philosophy bring us continuous and admirable examples. At IME HELVETIA this search for union is continuous and daily because it represents the philosophy behind the aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and anti-aging medicine practised at the institute. The choice of medical disciplines that the institute proposes is therefore no coincidence. At IME HELVETIA, 'beauty' is conceived as 'naturalness', as a combination of several elements, as an expression of the health of the elements that make up the body itself. The medical centre is a cosy environment, consisting of three operating rooms and a waiting room. At the entrance it is possible to get all the information about the various activities carried out in the medical centre. Aesthetic medicine offers treatments that are innovative but at the same time conservative of the person's normal physiognomy and physiology. Particular attention is paid to skin care with the various biostimulation and regeneration treatments that are increasingly customised, and with the innovative skin ageing pathway (under Gender Medicine). The professionals at IME HELVETIA have paid particular attention to the recent application of threads in aesthetic medicine and surgery. Face and body lifting with threads is a treatment perfectly in line with the centre's spirit of beauty and naturalness. It is in fact a treatment that does not distort the original somatic features, but improves skin tone and firmness and gives a natural lifting effect. In the institute we practice Gender Medicine, which represents the new frontier of anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine, with its new vision of the patient according to his or her gender, man or woman; an increasingly oriented and personalised search for the right treatments to recommend to the patients of IME HELVETIA. In our institute, different paths can be followed: detox, anti-aging, hormonal, depending on the needs of the patients and the indications given by our medical staff. The first stage of these courses is a thorough medical examination for evaluation and orientation. Innovative tests can also be carried out to help guide patients on the most suitable course for their well-being. It is important to assess the patient in his or her entirety and complexity because achieving a state of well-being depends 'first and foremost' on prevention and initial treatment. The various recommended courses of treatment are constantly evolving, and their importance should not be overlooked even when deciding to embark on a surgical course, as the pre- and post-operative period can thus be tackled more comfortably. Plastic surgery at IME HELVETIA is an essential part of the medical centre's activities. The body is understood as a reality in constant evolutionary movement. For these reasons, and those described above, it is important to try to satisfy the personal desire for beauty. The inclination towards beauty is a natural reality, especially for the human being, as Aristotle already said in his Metaphysics. And then there is the eternal problem of 'being and time' as Heiddeger wrote in his work of the same name in 1969. Anti-aging medicine and plastic surgery can and must combine these two realities of life and enable being to experience time in the best possible way. PERFORMANCE: AESTHETIC MEDICINE FILLER CHEMICAL PEELING BIOREVITITALISATION THREAD LIFTING BOTULINUM TOXIN MESOTHERAPY HAIR LOSS PREVENTION WITH PRP PRP REJUVENATION PLASTIC SURGERY BLEPHAROPLASTY FACE LIFTING LIPOSUZIONE MASTOPLASTY DONTOTHERAPY CONSERVATIVE ENDODONTICS AESTHETICS DENTAL VENEERS GYNATOLOGY DENTAL HYGIENE IMPLANTOLOGY ORTHODONTICS PERIODONTOLOGY DENTAL PROSTHETICS

Rating 5.0 of 5 stars from 2 ratings

Opens at 9:00 o’clock
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