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Catering service in Thun

Catering service in Thun, recommended by local.ch

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Catering service in Thun, top rated on local.ch

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Catering service in Thun

: 29 Entries

Privatklinik Wyss AG

Fellenbergstrasse 34, 3053 Münchenbuchsee
Psychiatry and psychotherapyPrivate clinicPsychotherapy (General)PsychiatricClinicHospitalPsychological counselingPsychotherapy (Psychological psychotherapists)Doctors
Privatklinik Wyss AG

Privatklinik Wyss AG is a leading specialist clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy. Its special areas of expertise include the treatment of depression, including burnout, as well as anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders. The clinic offers its outpatient, day-clinic and inpatient services in the Bern, Münchenbuchsee and Biel regions.OutpatientOutpatient treatment is suitable for patients who are still able to cope with their everyday tasks despite a mental health crisis or illness. It is designed to help them cope with the crisis or illness and remain integrated in their private and professional environment.Partial inpatient treatmentIn addition to outpatient therapy, partial inpatient treatment offers patients suffering from a mental health crisis or illness additional support and structure. This often means that inpatient treatment can be avoided or shortened. In addition, patients remain largely integrated in their private and possibly also professional environment.Privatklinik Wyss offers two treatment programmes in Münchenbuchsee, which differ in their weekly structure (5 or 3 weekdays). As the individual treatment elements are carefully coordinated, attendance is required on all programme days.InpatientInpatient treatment for a mental health crisis or illness may be indicated for various reasons: It is hardly possible to cope with everyday tasks. There are signs of increasing self-harm. It is temporarily necessary to distance oneself from a stressful or self-incriminating environment. In view of the complexity of a crisis, illness or situation, intensive and focussed clarification or treatment is necessary. Stability for outpatient or partial inpatient treatment is not (or no longer) sufficient.Our services include the following elementsAcute ward/emergency admission (inpatient only)Crisis intervention (inpatient only)Mental health problems in old ageDepressionSelf-confidence trainingAnxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders Emotional competenceInpatientBurnoutAddiction disordersEating disordersGroup and individual therapyPsycho-oncologyDay clinicThe natural retreat outside BernThe clinic is in an attractive location in the catchment area of the cities of Bern and Biel. The village of Münchenbuchsee, nestled in the countryside, is easily accessible by public transport as well as by car. The clinic has an idyllic park, an animal park, sports facilities and our à la carte catering service bears the "Goût Mieux"

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