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Practice in Vevey

Practice in Vevey, recommended by local.ch

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Practice in Vevey

: 53 Entries

Bruggmann-Jia Yingzi

Rue du Torrent 1, 1800 Vevey
Chinese medicine TCMAcupuncture (not included in category doctors)Acupuncture TCMDoctors
Notre cabinet

Au sein de notre cabinet vous trouverez votre solution MTC: La médecine traditionnelle chinoise considère le Qi comme la substance fondamentale du corps humain, essentielle pour le maintien de la vie YIN et YANG: si le Yin ne nourrit et ne rafraichit pas le Yang ceci sera à l’origine d’un excédent de Yang (maux de tête, douleurs aux yeux, maux de gorge, irritabilité, comportement maniaque). Si le Yang ne réchauffe pas le Yin (froid aux membres, rétention d’eau, mauvaise circulation sanguine, manque d’énergie). Voici les traitements des symptômes possible: Maladies système respiratoire: Rhume des foins, asthme, bronchite, toux, rhumes, grippes, sinusite, rhinite. Maladies système digestif: Indigestion, flatulence, ballonnements, constipation, diarrhée, nausée, gastrites, reflux gastro-œsophagien, côlon irritable. Maladies rhumatologiques: Cervicalgie, tendinite, tennis-elbow, syndrome carpien, sciatique, rhumatisme, arthrose, torticolis, lombalgie, dorsalgie, fibromyalgia, douleur épaule bras, douleurs musculaires ou articulations. Maladies gynécologiques: Infertilité, ménopause, cycle irrégulier, le syndrome prémenstruel, règles douloureuses, mycoses, cystite. Maladies psychologiques: Anxiété, angoisse, stress, dépression, irritabilité, nervosité, fatigues chroniques, épuisement, Burn Out, insomnie. Maladies dermatologiques: Eczéma, psoriasis, acné, névrodermite, urticaire. Maladies diverses: Maux de tête, migraines, hypertension, palpitation, diabète, acouphènes, obésité, dépendance au tabac. Acupuncture MTC - Phytothérapie - Electroacupuncture - Moxa/Moxibustion - Auriculothérapie - Ventouses REMBOURSEMENT ASSURANCES MALADIE: Je suis reconnue par la plupart des assurances suisses RME-ASCA-NVS Certifiée SEFRI Je parle Allemand, Français, Anglais , Chinois Vous pouvez être consulté soit à Vevey soit à Monthey

Rating 5.0 of 5 stars from 4 ratings

Clinique Dentaire Adent

Rue du Panorama 16, 1800 Vevey
DentistDental hygieneImplantology
Adent Dental Clinic Vevey

The dental clinic of Dr. Frédéric Boschung, a dentist in Vevey, joined the Adent Group in the summer of 2022. A competent and friendly team of dentists and dental hygienists offers you quality dental treatment tailored to your needs. In Vevey, our dentists and dental hygienists are present from Monday to Friday. After more than 33 years of experience in dentistry, including 30 years with the dental practice in Vevey, dentist Dr. Boschung has taken the practice to a new level. Joining a group such as Adent allows us to offer you new opportunities for care in all dental specialties, as well as a dental prosthesis laboratory. The quality of care and the continuing education of dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants are the focus of the Adent Group. The employees you know will remain in the practice, as will Dr. Boschung. We are looking forward to welcoming you in an updated setting with the best technologies allowing us to integrate the concepts of modern dentistry while preserving a human approach and the comfort of each patient. Our opening hours also remain the same: we are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Our dental clinic in Vevey offers all types of oral hygiene and general dentistry: cavities, extractions, professional teeth whitening, root canal treatment, crowns, dental implants, scaling and dentures. Also, you have the possibility of benefiting from tooth alignment treatment with the renowned Invisalign® method. This system of transparent aligners has already convinced millions of people around the world. Discreet and removable, the transparent aligners are worn day and night. We take care of adults and children from an early age for all dental care. We preserve the quality of your natural teeth by early detection of oral diseases and caries. Together with you, we find solutions to the problems that arise. We treat gum diseases with appropriate care by our dental hygienist (prophylaxis, scaling, curettage, etc.) and with periodontal surgery. In the event of unavoidable tooth replacement, we repair the oral cavity and jawbone with oral surgery and implantology, which we have been practising for many years. The dental clinic is easily accessible. It is located 5 minutes walk from the Vevey train station. For those travelling by car, the “Vieille Ville” car park and the Simplon car park surround the dental clinic and provide parking for your vehicle. Welcome to the clinic! Head of the dental clinic: Med. dent. Frédéric Boschung, dentist

Rating 5.0 of 5 stars from 3 ratings

Closed - Opens Monday at 8:00 o’clock
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