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SOS Canalisation - 7/7 - 24/24

Toilet, sink, basin or bathtub clogged?
SOS Sewer resolve your problem within hours.
Business items will be played soon your passenger concern.
SOS Sewer intervenes to unclog drains, manholes or for scraping (mechanical or high pressure) your conduits.
Competitive prices guaranteed!
Quick and efficient service 24/24 and 7/7
Competitive prices guaranteed!
CONTACT THE 079/212 50 93
For individuals:
=> Kitchen Sinks
=> Sinks
=> Bathtubs
=> Columns drop
=> Drain terraces
=> Bags channels
=> Drain balconies
=> Etc.
For management contracts (same individuals but also):
=> Sewage pipes
=> Pipes clear waters
=> Drainage
=> Grids floor laundry
=> Etc.
For businesses or communities:
=> Grids dump / bags road
=> Septic pumping sewage or clear water
=> Separators clear waters
=> Etc.
Camera control and research pipelines
Scaling tank flush toilets and scaling toilet
With a high-end, high-performance professional equipment SOS Sewer resolve your problem within hours
SOS pipe handles unblocking, cleaning and maintenance of pipelines.
For over 20 years we solve your problems!
Unclogging by mechanical cleaning of kitchen sinks, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, kitchen drop columns, columns drop toilet bathroom, roof pillars, balconies, terraces, drainage or flow fountain, nothing can resist us.
High pressure piping wastewater clear water, drainage, floor gratings laundry bags gutters, maintenance drain clearing, lifting sewage or clear water flushing.
Camera control and research pipeline with ultrasonic probe.
A fast and accurate service.
Vaud, Lausanne, La Côte, Geneva, Neuchatel 24/24 7/7.
Why not choose the most professional of the sector?

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