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Carey AG

Welcome to Carey AG

Carey Zurich – your trusted  partner in incorporating, administering and managing functional structures, and professional provider of Fund Management - and Reporting Services. Our clients can count on Swiss quality and standards, efficiency and trust.

The Company, established in 2003, has highly experienced staff, providing services to a high-class customer base who require independence and freedom to select from all of the opportunities available in the market. Committed only to our clients, we always choose the best available options without incurring any risk of potential conflicts of interest.

As we do not provide legal and tax services we work in close conjunction with our clients’ legal and tax advisors. In this win-win situation the client gets the best services available: professional and trusted advice from his own team and professional financial service from us. If our clients do not yet have access to specialised legal and/or tax advisers we can provide a broad network of recommended firms.

We are a member of the Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) for anti-money laundering purposes in Switzerland.





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Prodotti e servizi


From the perspective of our business a “Structure” is designed to organise and handle special purposes for individuals and corporations. In most cases a legal entity with a special purpose, in combination with selected services and control mechanisms, is at the centre of such a structure. Our structures are set-up for Corporations, Private Individuals and Family Offices and can be used for various purposes in a wide range of jurisdictions.


Corporate Structures

Corporate Structures are designed to meet the requirements of international operating groups. These structures enable them to reduce tax liabilities, to organise company transactions in a secured environment or to handle Intellectual Property issues.  Our services include the setup of the relevant companies and provision of all services to ensure correct handling of administrative affairs.


·       Company Formation & Administration

  • Corporate Services & Legal Affairs

  •  Transactional Services

  •  Intellectual Property (IP) Structures

  •  Director, Registered Offices & Secretarial Service


Private Structures

Private Structures are offered to High Net Worth Individuals. Our integrated services approach enables them to set up Trusts and Foundations, holding companies and other legal entities for private assets. Organising private assets, order of succession or charity commitments are typical reasons for establishing private structures. Besides the full-service administration, we offer a wide range of reporting services to provide a complete financial overview at any time.

  • Trusts, Foundation & Company Formation

  •  Private Investments & Administration

  •  Registered Offices

  •  Director & Secretarial Service


Family Office Services

Our Services enable Family Office to broaden their range of services in the most professional manner by outsourcing special tasks. Our knowhow in setting up and administering structures opens new possibilities in Private Wealth Management such as restructuring existing structures to adapt or to improve functionality. Other services like immigration and relocation support, reporting services, real estate administration or succession planning are also designed to support professional Family Offices.  


  • Administration of Family Office Affairs

  •  Immigration & Relocation Support

  •  Real Estate Administration

  •  Succession Planning


What are the benefits from Structures?

Along with the underlying objectives, structures can provide multiple benefits to their owners. In general, the benefits can be categorised as financial, legal or personal. Financial benefits are mainly cost or tax savings by using internationally established procedures and attractive double tax treaties between various jurisdictions, for example domicile/residen distinctions or Intellectual Property (IP) boxes. An example for a legal benefit could be using legal protection afforded by certain jurisdictions with stable political environments and resilient legal frameworks for company transactions. Furthermore, the use of existing legal shelters for protecting property or ensuring a favoured succession plan are benefits from certain structures.

Personal benefits range from privacy and asset protection to a broad variety of family office services.

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Fund Services
Fund Services

Private equity investments generally require a legal framework that allows the concentration of common resources and therefore a structure for investing in portfolio companies. Our Fund Service activities concentrate on the needs of private equity and or general alternative investment funds as these require a fundamentally different service compared to classic securities funds or hedge funds.


Fund Service

We offer complete fund formation and administration service to a wide range of investment structures regardless whether these are construed as Anglo-Saxon limited partnerships or as European or Asian legal forms. Our focus is predominantly (open and closed-ended) private alternative investments fund structures. We assist individual and commercial clients with planning and administering their alternative investment funds.


  • Fund Formation & Administration

  • Director & Nominee Services

  • Fund Service & Accounting

  • Subscription and Capital Calls Management

  • Distribution procedure

  • Net-Asset-Value Calculation

  • Secretarial Services

  • Financial Reporting

  • Investor Services

What are the benefits from Fund Service?

Outsourcing a large part of backoffice work leads to both significant cost cutting and improvement of quality. Our services allow the investment adviser to concentrate on what they do best: Finding, evaluating and investing in profitable assets and divestment of assets and cashing in profits. We handle the administrative part freeing management and investment adviser from the routine and formalised work. Management, investment adviser and investors benefit from our experience and best practice solutions.

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For groups of companies we offer access to a modern consolidation system (TAGETIK®[1]) and a tailor-made IFRS reporting tool that enables the client to get full insight and to cope with any operational and legal complexity. We support the client’s finance department with any requirement that may occur and provide a full range of Bookkeeping, HR Management and Payroll Services for employees in Switzerland.


Consolidation & Reporting

Growing a company often means expanding the business through adding new products, services, technology or buying out the competition to acquire their customers. Without appropriate consolidation nor the availability of a sophisticated Management Information system (MIS), the process of evaluating a company for investment or financing purposes would be an unreliable affair that might miss important opportunities or threats and could lead to flawed decisions.


Our system enables our clients to enter and retrieve data at single entity level according to your needs (e.g. IFRS, US-GAAP, Swiss GAAP) and to use it for budgeting and forecast planning. We offer access to professional reporting metrics at local and group level and support the preparation of the annual consolidated Financial Statements and notes.


  • Consolidation & IFRS Consulting

  • Unique Consolidation & Reporting solution for groups of companies

  • Financial Statement Support

  • Tailored MIS & Cockpit Analysis


Interim CFO Services

We provide specialized CFO services to a wide range of corporate and private clients and assist our clients to establish all accounting and financial controlling services on-site. We offer temporary addition to your executive board, internal audit, controlling or reporting team. Highly skilled experts strengthen your capacities whenever this is needed, for example during preparation of annual financial statements or while running through the budgeting process. Especially when companies are undergoing transformational processes, like Mergers & Acquisitions or financial restructuring, external know-how and experience can be crucial: Access to Carey´s CFO Services enables our clients not only to significantly speed-up processes but also to improve and certify the quality of the outcome.


  • Interim CFO Services / Controlling / Internal Audit

  • Financial Restructuring / M&A Services

  • Cash Flow Services

  • Budgeting & Forecasting


Accounting, Payroll & HRM

We provide a full range of international bookkeeping services for companies from around the world. From accounting to preparation of financial statements Carey offers a one-stop service.

Payroll accounting for employees in Switzerland is also part of Carey´s service offer. We will prepare your tax return and social security administration together with the client and their adviser.

Fund accounting and Securities accounting is a highly specialised field of operation and part of Carey´s services. We possess necessary expertise as well as specialised software to meet the requirements of our worldwide customers.


  • Bookkeeping

  • HR & Payroll Services

  • Audit & Tax Support

  • Social Security


What are the benefits from Reporting?

Transparent, accurate and informative financial figures are the basis for any business decision. But the financial processes are full of complexity and are constantly changing. With our experience and sophisticated systems, we support our clients to simplify those processes with modern technology, software, automation, collaboration and financial intelligence.

Last but not least, the ultimate benefit of any professional financial reporting is to have consolidated statements prepared in a much shorter period under full consideration of all legal and regulatory aspects. This improved efficiency and cost saving leaves more time to analyse and interpret the data in order to make forward-looking decisions and develop resilient strategies.



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