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Complementary therapy in Basel

Complementary therapy in Basel, recommended by local.ch

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Complementary therapy in Basel, top rated on local.ch

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Complementary therapy in Basel

: 26 Entries

St. Chrischona-Apotheke GmbH

Baselstrasse 31, 4125 Riehen
PharmacyHomeopathic (not included in doctors category)DruggistHealth counsellingNaturopathy
St. Chrischona Pharmacy

The St. Chrischona Pharmacy was founded in 1911 by Mrs. Bertha Brieden-Jundt as the first pharmacy in Riehen. Until the establishment of other pharmacies in Riehen, it was simply called "Riehen Pharmacy". In 1931, it was relocated from the corner of Äussere Baselstrasse 45/Rebenstrasse to Kirchstrasse 1, and since the entrance was oriented towards Baselstrasse in 1982, the address has been Baselstrasse 31. Mrs. Bertha Brieden handed over the pharmacy to Mr. Wilhelm Engels in 1947, followed by Mrs. Johanna Frey from 1954 to 1985, Mrs. Eva Lehmann from 1985 to 2008, and Mrs. Barbara Ehrsam and Mrs. Monika Goebl from 2008 to 2022. Since March 1, 2022, the St. Chrischona Pharmacy has been owned by Mrs. Nicole Reiss and is being operated as an independent pharmacy under the management of Mrs. Esra Sirin. Mission statement of St. Chrischona Pharmacy Our pharmacy has a tradition - over 100 years ago, your great-grandparents could buy pills and ointments from us. We are a well-coordinated team and look forward to providing you with competent advice. Our goal is to give you tips for maintaining your health, improving your quality of life, and supporting you when you are ill. We are happy to present you with various options and want to be your first point of contact for all health-related questions. Our expertise is available to you free of charge and without prior appointment. The pharmacy plays an important role between the patient and the doctor. We help to monitor the correct intake and are concerned about avoiding interactions with other medications. Because we don't want to stand still, we attend further training courses. We ourselves are always curious about what new things we can show you. The possible is possible, and we make the impossible possible. Our range of products is comprehensive, so almost all wishes can be fulfilled immediately. Otherwise, we strive for the shortest possible procurement times. We look forward to advising and serving you.

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