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Acupuncture (not included in category doctors) in Bern

Acupuncture (not included in category doctors) in Bern, recommended by local.ch

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Acupuncture (not included in category doctors) in Bern, top rated on local.ch

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Acupuncture (not included in category doctors) in Bern

: 31 Entries

TCM Akupunktur - Ariane Roulet

Elisabethenstrasse 3, 3014 Bern
Acupuncture (not included in category doctors)Chinese medicine TCMAcupressureShiatsu

ABOUT ME I was born in Switzerland in 1973 and grew up in the Bern region. I speak German, French, English and Spanish and I feel privileged to explore the potential of TCM's healing arts every day. OFFER Acupuncture - healing needles Tuina healing massage Shiatsu bulg Dietary / nutritional advice Qi Gong INDICATIONS Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is also an excellent complement to Western medicine as a holistic medicine. TCM treatments are both preventative and soothing for people of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, for example to relieve acute or chronic discomfort and pain (eg, headache, migraine, musculoskeletal pain, mobility, etc.) for convalescence (development of the immune system, acceleration of the recovery process after surgery, accidents and diseases, scar repair, strengthening the vitality of fatigue, fatigue, etc.) as a support for medical treatments or to relieve side effects balance the psyche with mental and psychosomatic diseases, sleep disorders, depressive moods, exhaustion, etc. for indigestion (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, reflux, etc.), for loss or increase in weight, etc. for relief of allergies, asthma, hay fever, etc. in gynecological subjects (eg, menopausal complaints, menstrual disorders, infertility, support beduring and after pregnancy, etc.). for relaxation and health prophylaxis

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