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Health care center in Lugano

Health care center in Lugano, recommended by local.ch

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Health care center in Lugano, top rated on local.ch

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Health care center in Lugano

: 31 Entries

Fast Fit Lugano

Via Pasquale Lucchini 7, 6900 Lugano
Personal TrainingFitness centerFitness machinesDietary adviceHealth and well-beingRehabilitationAerobics
Fast Fit Lugano

ENGLISH THE CENTER Fast Fit fitness centers offer a more effective format than traditional gym workouts. The use of the new EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) method actively engages 80% of the muscle fibers with each impulse. In just 20 minutes, the intensity of the contractions achieved with EMS equals that of a long-duration intensive workout in the gym. During this time, we train your muscles deeply through personalized exercises for glutes, legs, abdomen, arms, back, and shoulders. Thanks to the muscle recruitment system provided by the electrodes, the same benefits as a regular gym workout are achieved in such a short time. EMS METHOD Thanks to the EMS method, which stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, each training session activates approximately 90% of the muscle fibers, all in total safety and under the supervision of a specialized Personal Trainer. We dedicate approximately 30 minutes to each of our clients. During this time, we dress, train, and focus on building valuable human relationships. The equipment consists simply of a special jacket with attached electrodes placed on the abdomen and back, and bands placed on the legs, glutes, biceps, and triceps. After careful assessment of the client's physical condition and goals, the operator selects exercises and adjusts the intensity of the impulses using the device. This allows the Personal Trainer to individually or collectively stimulate various muscle groups. Thanks to the Miha Bodytec device, the Trainer gradually increases the intensity of the impulses, increasing the effort with each session. The duration is only 20 minutes, during which the client performs simple exercises actively and under control. BENEFITS Reduces body fat and promotes muscle growth Reduces skin imperfections Reduces back pain Reduces cellulite in critical areas such as the abdomen, glutes, and hips Increases basal metabolism Treats and prevents musculoskeletal disorders such as sarcopenia and pelvic floor pathologies FOR ELITE ATHLETES Improves running speed and endurance in endurance sports Increases strength in contact sports Enhances speed and agility of specific technical movements in individual and team sports Improves jumping technique and expressed force in speed sports FAST FIT OFFERS: Individual sessions with a dedicated Personal Trainer Anamnesis, goal assessment, and training program Personalized miha bodytec training plan Nutritional counseling for meal planning Fast Fit app for self-management of reservations Agreements with physiotherapy studios, osteopaths, and beauty centers Changing rooms with private lockers for each session PERSONALIZED PROGRAMS Weight loss Toning Postural correction Metabolic and cardiovascular training Muscle mass Functional training for sports performance Specific programs for back pain Specific programs for waist and hip circumference reduction Specific programs for toning glutes and legs OUR LOCATIONS LUGANO Via Lucchini 7 Inside City Lugano gym, 6900 Lugano BELLINZONA Via Codeborgo 1 Inside First Studio Personal Training center, 6500 Bellinzona GIUBIASCO Viale Stazione 3C Inside First Studio Personal Training center, 6512 Giubiasco LOCARNO Via Vincenzo Vela 5 C/O Centro Sei Inside First Studio Personal Training center, 6600 Locarno

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Via Serafino Balestra 9, 6900 Lugano
PracticeAesthetic medicineDentist

The choice of the name IME HELVETIA, i.e. Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, stems from the inescapable awareness of the affinity between health and beauty, between medicine and thus psycho-physical well-being and aesthetics. It has always been difficult to find a meeting point between medical science and beauty. History and philosophy bring us continuous and admirable examples. At IME HELVETIA this search for union is continuous and daily because it represents the philosophy behind the aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and anti-aging medicine practised at the institute. The choice of medical disciplines that the institute proposes is therefore no coincidence. At IME HELVETIA, 'beauty' is conceived as 'naturalness', as a combination of several elements, as an expression of the health of the elements that make up the body itself. The medical centre is a cosy environment, consisting of three operating rooms and a waiting room. At the entrance it is possible to get all the information about the various activities carried out in the medical centre. Aesthetic medicine offers treatments that are innovative but at the same time conservative of the person's normal physiognomy and physiology. Particular attention is paid to skin care with the various biostimulation and regeneration treatments that are increasingly customised, and with the innovative skin ageing pathway (under Gender Medicine). The professionals at IME HELVETIA have paid particular attention to the recent application of threads in aesthetic medicine and surgery. Face and body lifting with threads is a treatment perfectly in line with the centre's spirit of beauty and naturalness. It is in fact a treatment that does not distort the original somatic features, but improves skin tone and firmness and gives a natural lifting effect. In the institute we practice Gender Medicine, which represents the new frontier of anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine, with its new vision of the patient according to his or her gender, man or woman; an increasingly oriented and personalised search for the right treatments to recommend to the patients of IME HELVETIA. In our institute, different paths can be followed: detox, anti-aging, hormonal, depending on the needs of the patients and the indications given by our medical staff. The first stage of these courses is a thorough medical examination for evaluation and orientation. Innovative tests can also be carried out to help guide patients on the most suitable course for their well-being. It is important to assess the patient in his or her entirety and complexity because achieving a state of well-being depends 'first and foremost' on prevention and initial treatment. The various recommended courses of treatment are constantly evolving, and their importance should not be overlooked even when deciding to embark on a surgical course, as the pre- and post-operative period can thus be tackled more comfortably. Plastic surgery at IME HELVETIA is an essential part of the medical centre's activities. The body is understood as a reality in constant evolutionary movement. For these reasons, and those described above, it is important to try to satisfy the personal desire for beauty. The inclination towards beauty is a natural reality, especially for the human being, as Aristotle already said in his Metaphysics. And then there is the eternal problem of 'being and time' as Heiddeger wrote in his work of the same name in 1969. Anti-aging medicine and plastic surgery can and must combine these two realities of life and enable being to experience time in the best possible way. PERFORMANCE: AESTHETIC MEDICINE FILLER CHEMICAL PEELING BIOREVITITALISATION THREAD LIFTING BOTULINUM TOXIN MESOTHERAPY HAIR LOSS PREVENTION WITH PRP PRP REJUVENATION PLASTIC SURGERY BLEPHAROPLASTY FACE LIFTING LIPOSUZIONE MASTOPLASTY DONTOTHERAPY CONSERVATIVE ENDODONTICS AESTHETICS DENTAL VENEERS GYNATOLOGY DENTAL HYGIENE IMPLANTOLOGY ORTHODONTICS PERIODONTOLOGY DENTAL PROSTHETICS

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