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Osteopathy in Lugano

: 18 Entries

Ortelli Paolo

Via San Gottardo 59, 6828 Balerna
Physical therapyAcupuncture (not included in category doctors)Osteopathy
Paolo Ortelli, Doctor of Acupuncture WFAS, Dipl. Physiotherapist, CDS Osteopath

Paolo Ortelli, born in Mendrisio, Switzerland in 1962. After graduating from high school, he obtained a physiotherapist diploma in Varese, at the Circolo hospital in 1986, then equalized with a Swiss diploma in 1989. Over the years he has always attended specialization courses in various rehabilitation techniques such as Maitland (at the second level, with manipulations and mobilization of the neuro-meningeal system according to Butler), Klein Vogel Bach (or FBL, various courses), Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF- Kabath), Lymphatic drainage, Shiatsu and Reflexology (both of the organic and nervous areas), Treatment of trigger points (1 and 2). From 1999 to 2003 he attended and obtained the degree of Doctor in Osteopathy in France and at the Ludes University, in Lugano, and specialized in structural and visceral osteopathy, as well as in Chinese Anthropo-Psychology (APC), and cranio-sacral treatment. and visceral pediatric. He has taught monothematic courses at the same university to Physiotherapy students and is a tutor for trainees in the physiotherapy studio. He is a member of the Swiss Association of Physiotherapists (Physioswiss), section Ticino, of the Swiss Society of Physiotherapists Graduated in Osteopathy (OsteoSwiss), of the Register of Empirical Medicine (RME and ASCA) and secretary of APIS (Swiss Interdisciplinary Posturological Association) In 2007 he also obtained the title as Complementary Therapist. Since then he has also trained in Postural Orthopraxia, Traditional Chinese Medicine and in 2009 he successfully passed the intercantonal examination of Osteopathy, obtaining the title of CDS Osteopath. In the rehabilitation clinic in Via San Gottardo 59, in Balerna, it purely performs treatments in Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy (including pediatric) and Posturology, recognized and reimbursed by basic insurance (physiotherapy subject to medical certificate) and complementary (Acupuncture, APC, TCM, Osteopathy and Posturology, without a doctor's prescription), as well as relaxing massages and lymphatic drainage for the lower limbs and for the whole body in general. Paolo Ortelli, D.O. CDS Osteopath, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Specialized in Orthopraxia, Physiotherapist, Complementary Therapist and Posturologist.

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