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Manual therapy in Lugano

Manual therapy in Lugano, recommended by local.ch

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Manual therapy in Lugano, top rated on local.ch

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Manual therapy in Lugano

: 33 Entries

We Physio

Via Antonio Fusoni 4, 6900 Lugano
Physical therapyHealth and sports massageFitness centerRehabilitationManual therapy

The physiotherapy studio We Physio operates, in continuity with the decades-long activity of Jeanine Biato, in the field of rehabilitation with professionalism, competence and commitment. The treatments are performed by our physiotherapists in via Fusoni 4 in Lugano (near the USI university and the Sacro Cuore church). Our studio consists of three independent rooms for manual treatments, a gym and a small gymnasium for free-body exercises and exercises using resistance. We also carry out treatments at home. We run regular in-house and off-site courses in: - Gentle gymnastics for the elderly, in collaboration with the Ticino League against rheumatism - Corrective gymnastics for children and adolescents - Proprioceptive gymnastics - Global reinforcement - Reconditioning of sporting movements in the post acute period Our staff consists of physiotherapists recognised by the Swiss Red Cross who periodically attend refresher courses. The centre's philosophy is to follow scientific evidence in the field of physiotherapy and it is now clear that movement plays a key role in rehabilitation. Our specialisations are: - Musculoskeletal rehabilitation - Pelvic floor rehabilitation - Neurological rehabilitation - Orthopaedic rehabilitation - Cardio-respiratory rehabilitation As an adjunct to the treatment, we have available instrumental physical therapies such as: - Tecar - TENS - Electrostimulation - ultrasound - Iontophoresis - Thermotherapy Our staff also work together to offer flexible opening hours and meet the demands of all our customers. We also offer an emergency physiotherapy service with the possibility of analgesic treatments at weekends. We are easily accessible by public transport (bus stop "Sacro Cuore" or "Via Balestra" on bus line 5). We speak Italian, English and French. We are recognised by all health insurance funds and complementary insurances. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Closed - Opens Tomorrow at 7:00 o’clock

Sports Rehab Lugano

Via Serafino Balestra 11, 6900 Lugano
Physical therapyRehabilitationHealth and sports massageLymphatic DrainageManual therapy

Sports Rehab is the physiotherapy and rehabilitation center based in Lugano and Bellinzona for years at the service of the population of above and below Ceneri.The rehabilitation center and its large staff of physiotherapists guarantee a variety of services to the population, to amateur, semi-professional and professional sportsmen as well as to various elite sportsmen, teams and sports selections at national and international level in Switzerland and abroad . Sports Rehab offers treatments and the approaches are based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence with a large staff of graduate and further trained physiotherapists with multiple specializations after graduation and continuous internal training that is always in place. The services provided are recognized by all health insurance companies and insurance companies, the facilities are also open on Saturdays and home physiotherapy is guaranteed. Services Sports Rehab is at your disposal for: conservative orthopedic physiotherapy, pre- and post-surgical (upper limb, spine, lower limb) sports physiotherapy (for individual athletes and for teams/teams) physiotherapy in water/hydrokinesitherapy neurological physiotherapy rheumatological physiotherapy pediatric physiotherapy specific rehabilitation for scoliosis postural rehabilitation geriatric physiotherapy manual therapy anti-gravity rehabilitation (AlterG) Blood Flow Restriction therapy dry needling MET Medical Exercise Therapy chronic pain lymph drainage massage therapy and sports massage physical/instrumental therapy (shock waves, Tecar, ultrasound, wi-fi electrostimulation, pressotherapy, cryotherapy, cryo-pressotherapy, vibration therapy with mechano-sound waves) post-injury test for return to work (including expert reports) isokinetic test strength test post-injury/surgery return to sport test knee injury prevention (Sportsmetrics) Knee arthrofibrosis centre athletic training / Strength & Conditioning MTT Medizinische TrainingsTherapie on-site nutritionist on-site podiatrist Sports Rehab is a member of the Swiss Physiotherapy Association Physioswiss of the Swiss Association of Sports Physiotherapy "Sportfisio" Our centers (and our rehabilitation pools) are accessible to disabled people, are close to public transport and offer ample parking facilities.The secretariat and staff speak Italian, English, German, Spanish and French. Always at your disposal for any clarifications, do not hesitate to contact our centers on the single number 091.7446456 or by e-mail at lugano@sportsrehab.ch.

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Closed - Opens Tomorrow at 7:00 o’clock

dr.ssa med. Stamm Anja

Via Pietro Capelli 10, 6900 Lugano
Acupuncture TCMOrthopaedic surgeryOzone therapyDoctors

Medical Doctor Dr. med. Anja Stamm Specialist in Orthopaedic Medicine (Specialist in Ortopaedic surgery and traumatology, FMH) Education required: Doctor of Medicine and specialization In Ortopedic (non- surgical and surginal tratments) in an hospital curriculum of General Surgery and Ortopedic Surgery for a period of 5 - 6 years, following by an final examen in this specialization. FURTHER MEDICAL SPECIALIZATIONS of Dr. med. Anja STAMM: UNIVERSITY MASTER DEGREE in OZONE THERAPY (University of PAVIA IT) EXPERT in ACUPUNCTURE and TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE (ASA - DIPLOM FOR MEDICAL DOCTORS) EXPERT MANUAL MEDICINE (SAMM CH): (Specialization for Medical Doctors using e.g. chirurpractic and or osteopatic manipulations (medical techniques ) for tendons pain, muscles pain, join mobillization ecc. to relieve pain, to improve movements of the neck, back, shoulders, arm, hand, fingers, knee, foot ecc.) Via Capelli 10 CH 6900 Lugano Tel: 0041 91 649 83 30 Rembursement for our Medical Treatments by the BASIC - Assurance (LaMal) or if you prefer by the Complementary Assurance (maybe if you have e hight franchise.) Our treatments: Pain or problems of the muscoloskeletal system, trauma, degenerative diseases, sport injuries ecc. Ozone - treatment Connecting my specilization in Ortopedics and my University Master - Degree in Ozone - therapies, ozone terapy will be aaplied for the following diseases: prolaps of the disc (in the upper (cervical) back, in the lower (lombar) back, cervical pain, arthritis, pain of the scapola, pain at the base of the head/neck, pain of the shoulders, pain in the hand, pain in the fingers, tennis elbow, pain in the ligaments, tendo pain, pain in tendon behind knee, wrist pain, pain in bones, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, menicus pain, anterior cruciate ligaments tears, scoliosis, congenital diseses, hip pain, fott ankle, spine, spinal stenosis, achilles tendon injuries, foot and ankle iniuries, fibromyalgie, rheumatoid arthritis, hand arthritis, knee arthristis, finger arthritis, rheuma traetment. ACUPUNCTURE and TRADITIONAL CINESE MEDICINE beeing Medical Doctor and a Specialist in Ortopedic -Medicine, the treatments of ACUPUNCTUR an TRADITIONAL CINESE MEDICINE are rembursed (paid) by the SWISS the General (Basic/LaMal) ASSURANCE. ACUPUNCTURE - TREATMENTS FOR: Insommia, anxiety, stress, depression, pain attacs, mood swings, nausea, haedache, migraine, neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder pain, tingling in the hands, vertigo, tinnitus, ringing in the ear, stomach cramps, stomach pain, refux, gastritis, costipation, premestrual pain, mestrual pain, hot flashes with menopause, jaw pain, trigemninus pain, arthritis, pain in the scapola, hand pain, foot pain, knee pain,colitis, rhinitis, sinisitis, asthma, bronchitis, immune system support, improve immune systeme, colds, tonsilitis, cystitis, fetal malpositioning, coniunctivitis,neuropathy, nerve pain, child wishe, infertility, obesity, metabolic syndrome, metabolic stress, smoking cessation, quitting smoking, smokefree, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, swollen legs, diabetes, ecc.

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