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Orthodontics in Zurich

Orthodontics in Zurich, recommended by local.ch

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Orthodontics in Zurich, top rated on local.ch

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Orthodontics in Zurich

: 64 Entries

Zahnarzt Zürich Bahnhofplatz HB | ZURICHDENTAL®

Bahnhofplatz 12, 8001 Zurich
DentistDentist emergency serviceImplantologyDental bleachingDental hygieneOrthodonticsPaediatric dentistryOral surgeryPeriodontologyDental clinicReconstructive dentistryEmergency services
Dentists & Specialist Dentists, available 365 days a year

Your modern dentist in ZurichWe stand for the most advanced dental competence centers in Switzerland.You will find our Dental Center directly at Bahnhofplatz near Zurich's main train station. In our dental centers, highly trained dentists, specialist dentists, and dental hygienists personally take care of the well-being of your teeth and your health. You will find all dental disciplines under one roof with us. We take time for you and your teeth so you can have the most pleasant dental experience of your life. Dentist in Zurich? = ZurichDental!Are you looking for a new dentist in Zurich? Try ZurichDental! Our spacious dental practice offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art care, long opening hours, and fair conditions.Free parking is available for your treatment time upon reservation.Emergency treatments are available on the same day - without emergency surcharge. We offer emergency dental services for the entire Zurich region - 365 days a year.TreatmentsThe entire spectrum of dentistry in one placeStraighten teeth: orthodontics without braces, invisible braces, removable braces, tooth correction for adultsPreserve teeth: annual check-up, emergencies, aesthetic filling therapy, root canal treatments, inlays, dental crowns, gum treatments for periodontitis, pediatric dentistryReplace teeth: dental implants, dental bridges, dentures, tooth transplantsOperate teeth: wisdom teeth, general anesthesia, twilight sedation, needle-free anesthesia, surgical proceduresEnhance teeth: dental hygiene, bleaching, teeth whitening and straightening in one step, night guards, three-dimensional scans, laser dentistry

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