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Klopfenstein René, U. Klopfenstein, succ. Carrelages

Klopfenstein René, U. Klopfenstein, succ. Carrelages

Logo Klopfenstein René, U. Klopfenstein, succ. Carrelages

Entreprise de Carrelage à Aigle

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Klopfenstein René, U. Klopfenstein, succ. Carrelages – Contacts & site


Klopfenstein René, U. Klopfenstein, succ. Carrelages




Carreaux en céramique pour extérieur,Carrelages,Céramique,Granit,Mosaïque,Pierre naturelle,Plaques de pierre naturelle pour extérieur

Conditions de paiement

Sur facture

Domaines d'application

Extérieur et terrasse,Intérieur,Revetement mural


Nouveaux bâtiments,Planification et conseil,Pose de revêtements de sol et de mur,Revêtements de sol et de mur,Réparations,Transformation


Rénovation et restauration

Possibilités de contact

En ligne,Par téléphone

Revêtements de mur


Revêtements de sol

Céramique,Marches d'escalier,Pierre naturelle
Entreprise de CarrelageRevêtements de SolsPierres naturellesGranitRénovationMaçonnerieDallages

Évaluations pour Klopfenstein René, U. Klopfenstein, succ. Carrelages (6)

Évaluation de 3.7 sur 5 étoiles

Commentaires (3)

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Évaluation de 1.0 sur 5 étoiles

Horrific experience - Avoid them like the plague . . . . disaster from beginning to end... and 3 yrs later still going on ...

One guy is very rude. Especially to women. I Would say he is not honest. He is certainly very aggressive and nasty. Even the other workers admit this... 3 weeks to do the job - should have taken 1 We had floor tiles that were nearly 2cms from the wall and they tried to hide it by putting the skirting board at an angle and lots of filler (I have photos to prove it). They did this quickly before the architect could come to see, imagining that we were going to accept a skirting boarding on an angle with 3 tons of filler .... Problem was, the filler they used for that little exercise was supposed to be the colour we had chosen (I suppose it was the one they had in their van in a hurry). So, we said we did not want that colour anymore as it did not really go with the tiles.... problem was it was not the one we had chosen. So, we ended up with another colour, which is not suitable either .... (They could hardly tell us they had not used the correct one) The workers (often not the sames ones) arrived at 9 or 10 am - left at 14 or 15 (excuse = Dr RV, needed to buy supplies etc) so probably do 2 sites at the same time. When they arrived at 9am, they proceeded to go out (both of them) at 10 to 'get building supplies' - but them came back with bags from the COOP... One guy continually smoked in our house. Despite many requests not to and it being written in the contract they they could not smoke anywhere on the building site (we were living in the house at the time). Floor is still not level. Furniture cannot be moved without being lifted and we even trip on some…. Have still not come back to us on this problem either… or any of the others. We have called them a few times over the last 2 yrs and still have no response to our complaints.... I would not recommend them at all. Oh, and yes, we lost more time (&money) From the 1st contact we told one guy that the floor made a certain noise in one area, that the screed probably needed to be taken up and redone (not a small job, as it was a large area), so we could take the time (& cost) into consideration. He said no it was fine. When the time came to lay the tiles, we lost another week as he said it was impossible to lay the floor on the screed…. It needed to be taken up and redone …. Because of this HUGE error of judgement (& not wanting to listen to me – a woman and the architect – a woman) -we ended up spending Christmas in our cellar as the floor was not ready. Avoid them like the plague!!!

27 janvier 2023, JB

Évaluation de 5.0 sur 5 étoiles

Rénovation d un carrelage de salle de bain

Travail rapide, propre et résultat très professionnel. Merci

20 décembre 2017, brimabella

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