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All Psychotherapy (General) in Zurich
C.G. Jung-Ambulatorium

C.G. Jung-Ambulatorium

Psychotherapy (General) in Zurich

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C.G. Jung-Ambulatorium – Contacts & Location




Cost coverage & financing

Basic insurance

Forms of contact

By telephone

Psychotherapeutic approaches

Medication therapy,Psychotherapy

Psychotherapeutic services

Individual therapy for adults,Individual therapy for children & adolescents,Individual therapy for the elderly

Treatment focus areas

Addiction disorders,Anxiety disorders, phobias, panic attacks,Burnout,Obsessive-compulsive disorders,Personality disorders,Suicidality
Psychotherapy (General)Psychotherapy (Psychological psychotherapists)

Reviews for C.G. Jung-Ambulatorium (5)

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Comments (1)

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Rating 5 of 5 stars

Sehr freundlich

Ich traf mich mit Frau Müller und empfand das Gespräch sehr angenehm.

December 27, 2016, Riccardo Raimo

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