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Clinicin Lausanne

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Clinic in Lausanne

: 101 Entries

China Clinic TCM

Rue Haldimand 14, 1003 Lausanne
Chinese medicine TCMMedical massageAcupuncture (not included in category doctors)Phytotherapy (not included in doctors category)

China Clinic TCM is a center for acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - in the heart of Lausanne with Chinese doctors - founded in 2004 with the aim of offering you the know-how and benefits of Chinese medicine through preventive and curative therapies. For centuries, the Chinese tradition has been interested in the functioning of our body and has been able to detect and map the different vital points (acupuncture points) as well as their direct functions on our body. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a thousand-year-old medicine, which includes acupuncture, Chinese massage TUI NA AN MO and Chinese herbal medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complementary medicine to Western medicine. Our Chinese specialists work in collaboration with Western doctors. 1 - The diagnosis The diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on 4 principles:1) Observation, including the tongue2) Dialogue with the patient3) Palpation, including the taking of Chinese pulses4) Auscultation These different examinations will inform the Chinese doctor about the level of vital energy (Yin, Yang, Qi (energy) and body fluids). This will enable him to make a diagnosis, according to the rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine, by taking the patient as a whole. 2 - Most frequent diseases or pathologies (according to the list established by the WHO) Articular, muscular and bone system: cervical, back and lumbar pain, herniated discs, rheumatism, epicondylitis, knee pain.Gynaecological system: menopause, hot flashes, sterility and infertility, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea (menstrual disorders).Digestive system: constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, gastritis.Respiratory system: asthma, cough, rhinitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, recurring colds.Skin system: eczema, psoriasis, acne, urticaria, herpes, shingles,Auditory system: tinnitus, vertigo, Meniere's syndrome.Allergies: hay fever, pollen allergy, food allergy, sun allergy.Children: hyperactivity, enuresis.Others: fatigue, depression, burn-out, migraines, headaches, facial paralysis, weight gain, smoking cessation, multiple sclerosis. 3 - Methods We offer the following therapies: Acupuncture - AcupressureInsertion of fine needles on certain points, called acupuncture points, located on the meridian path.Acupuncture is practiced exclusively with sterile, single-use needles.The function of acupuncture is to regulate the circulation of Qi (energy) and to harmonize Yin and Yang. AuriculotherapyInsertion of fine needles or application of beads or magnets in the ear.All the parts of the body have a correspondence at the level of the ear. The body is indeed represented in the form of a fetus with its head down.Auriculotherapy is interesting for both acute and chronic problems, it is also very effective for smoking cessation.Chinese massages " Tui Na An MoTherapeutic massage that acts on the circulation of vital energy, the Qi (pronounced Tchi) through the body.The Qi circulates through channels called meridians.Chinese massage, using pressure, manipulation and rubbing on acupuncture points and meridians, allows the Qi to circulate in the meridians and to balance the energies.It promotes energy and blood circulation and helps to reduce and eliminate pain. CuppingComplementary method to acupuncture, designed to treat congestive or inflammatory conditions using glass or bamboo ampoules.They are useful for stimulating the circulation of energy and blood, eliminating humidity and cold and reducing pain. Moxibustion or moxaMoxibustion consists of burning a plant stick, called moxa, in the immediate vicinity of the acupuncture points.The moxa is made of mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris Latiflora), a plant with medicinal properties.The moxa is used to heat and stimulate certain acupuncture points.This activates blood circulation, evacuates cold and humidity and restores vital energy.Chinese herbal medicinePrescription of formulas composed of leaves, roots, stems, bark, seeds or flowers of many cultivated or wild plants.These formulas have been used for thousands of years and the Chinese knowledge of how to grow, harvest, prepare and combine these all-natural plants is very important.Today, Chinese herbal medicine uses more than 400 plant species for internal and external use. The prescription of Chinese herbs complements the beneficial effects of acupuncture.It is prescribed according to the patient's condition and the rules of Chinese diagnosis.The combination of herbs is adapted according to the improvement of the symptoms. Chinese dieteticsPreventive and curative dietary advice.During the Traditional Chinese Medicine sessions, our Chinese therapists will give you dietary advice according to your health problems. 4 - TCM therapists and skills Mr. PIAO Jingzhe, recognized TCM therapist (Chinese doctor, specialist in Chinese medicine), graduated from the Chinese Medical University with a great competence and a long experience in hospital and private environments. 5 - Languages French - English - Chinese 6 - Opening hours 7:30 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to SaturdaySaturday by appointment only 7 - Reimbursement Chinese therapists working at China Clinic TCM are recognized by the RME (Registre des Médecines Empiriques) and the ASCA Foundation. The services are reimbursed by the complementary insurances of the health insurance companies. Please have the following information ready to contact your health insurance company: Mr. PIAO Jingzhe RCC N°: F 834661 8 - Location China Clinic TCM is located at Rue Haldimand 14 - 1003 Lausanne (Place St-Laurent, building entrance between the Amavita pharmacy and the Berdoz Optic store) Bus : Place Bel-Air Car : Parking Riponne or Valentin Subway : Riponne stop Downtown. Close to public transport (1 stop from Place St-François). Parking possibilities. Subway from the train station and the CHUV hospital. More information on our website:www.chinaclinic.ch 9 - Miscellaneous Acupuncture, naturotherapy, naturopathy, natural and millennium therapy, health care, sinology, well-being, osteopathy. OFFER : free Chinese diagnosis (energy balance) Please call 021 311 89 89 for more information. Its science is recognized for its excellent results. Traditional Chinese medicine is complementary to allopathic medicine. The diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine is based on 4 principles: 1) Observation, including the tongue 2) Dialogue with the patient 3) Palpation, including taking the Chinese pulse 4) Auscultation: listening and feeling Free diagnosis (print your voucher on the home page) To establish a diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine, these 4 steps of the examination are important. The Chinese doctor also observes the tongue (shape and color, texture and color of the coating). He takes the Chinese pulses, located on the radial artery, at 3 different places, near the wrist with superficial, medium and deep pressures. These different examinations will inform the Chinese doctor about the level of your vital energy (Yin, Yang, Qi (energy) and body fluids). This will allow him to make a diagnosis, according to the rules of traditional Chinese medicine, by taking the patient in his entirety. PRESENTATION DISCOVER OUR TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE CENTER IN LAUSANNE The Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre located at rue Haldimand 14 in Lausanne was founded in 2004 with the aim of providing you with the expertise and benefits of traditional Chinese medicine. For centuries, Chinese culture has been interested in the functioning of our bodies and over time has been able to identify and map the various vital points, as well as their direct impact on our bodily functions. Its science is renowned for the excellent results it obtains. Traditional Chinese medicine is a complementary to allopathic medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis is based on 4 principles: 1) Observation, including looking at the tongue 2) Dialogue with the patient 3) Palpation, including taking the Chinese pulse 4) Auscultation: listening and smelling Free diagnosis (print your voucher on the homepage) In order to establish a traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, these four examination times are important. The Chinese doctor also observes the tongue (shape and colour, together with texture and colour of the coating). He takes the Chinese pulse, which is located on the radial artery, at 3 different places near the wrist using shallow, medium and intense pressure. These different examinations will inform the Chinese doctor about your vital energy level (Yin, Yang, Qi (energy) and bodily fluids). This will enable him to make a holistic diagnosis of the patient, according to the rules of traditional Chinese medicine. THÉRAPIES Acupuncture Insertion de fines aiguilles en certains points, dits "points d'acupuncture", situés sur les méridiens. L'acupuncture se pratique uniquement avec de fines aiguilles stériles jetables. L'acupuncture est utilisée pour réguler la circulation du Qi (énergie) et harmoniser le Yin et le Yang. Auriculothérapie Insertion de fines aiguilles ou application de perles ou d'aimants dans l'oreille. Toutes les parties du corps ont un emplacement correspondant dans l'oreille. Le corps est en fait représenté comme un fœtus à l'envers. L'auriculothérapie est intéressante pour les problèmes aigus et chroniques. Elle est également très efficace pour l'arrêt du tabac, les problèmes de poids, le stress, etc. Tui Na An Mo Le Qi circule dans des canaux appelés méridiens. Le massage chinois, par des pressions, des manipulations et des frottements sur les points d'acupuncture et les méridiens, stimule la circulation du Qi dans les méridiens et équilibre l'énergie.

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