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Coaching in Zurich

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Coaching in Zurich

: 513 Entries

Sky Garden Tarot

Zeughausstrasse 31, 8004 Zurich
Tarot readerAstrologyCoachingSpiritual healingEsotericaCounseling, life coachingReiki
Tarot Readings, Sacred Magicks and Radical Products For Cosmic Seekers

Zela Martin Zela is the Founder of Sky Garden Tarot, she is the Chief Spiritual Advisor and creator of the Nightshade Sanctum© Dark Goddess Priestess program and energy technology channelled from the Sacred Grove. She is a world renown Tarot Reader, Psychic-Medium, Intuitive and Energy Healer. Zela practices a multi-generational hereditary craft which she has deepened through her formal studies in astrology, tarot, charm-casting and energy modalities and has trained with internationally-regarded spiritual experts. She holds certifications in holistic healing, transformation and spiritual alchemy, and is studying Psychological Astrology at MISPA. Zela has a BSc in Psychology specialising in Neuropsychology, and a BSc in Biochemistry and Genetics. Her postgraduate qualifications include a BSc Medical Honours in Infectious Diseases and Immunology, and she earned her PhD in Medical Microbiology, where her research focus was tuberculosis. She has over 10 years of experience as a biologist and worked as a laboratory scientist before transitioning to management consulting until she returned full time to her true calling as a mystical mentor and wellness coach. Her path as a scientist has elevated her holistic work through a deepened, authentic understanding of the nature of the Universe. Zela founded Sky Garden Tarot to empower humankind and offer celestial guidance to individuals, spiritual healers, intuitives, mystics, seekers and spiritual leaders around the world. Her mentorship supports personal journeys of holistic healing and elevates the skillsets of professional spiritual healers to best serve humanity. Zela works with individuals though 1-on-1 mentorship sessions and with groups via her online training programs. Sky Garden Tarot celebrates radical self-love, authentic self-expression and spiritual sovereignty and elevates the holistic and alternative lifestyle space. The mission of Sky Garden Tarot is to support the well-being of humanity by aligning souls with their true purpose. A key tenet of the Sky Garden Tarot ethos is the sacred protection of the natural environment and all its inhabitants, thus 11% of all profits are donated to animal, biodiversity and environmetal charities. Personal Power The Sky Garden Tarot ethos is that humanity has free will and choice, and that each soul can consciously and intentionally create their destiny as well as their reality. Zela’s work aims to empower people to make high-vibe, self-loving choices, to step into their strength and to embrace soul liberation. The key is understanding what is in one’s control to change, and how to achieve this change through action. And for things that are beyond control, Zela works to help people to reach acceptance and to develop their empowering sacred personal mythology. Zela’s methods place cycle-breaking at the centre of personal power, and her work serves to break harmful inter-generational, social and personal cycles, and where appropriate to challenge the energetic status quo and forge paths anew, changing personal trajectories to be in alignment with one’s highest good and soul’s true purpose. Stepping into personal power means accepting accountability and seeing the truth, for this reason Sky Garden Tarot does not promote toxic positivity (which is gaslighting) and spiritual bypassing, both of which ultimately undermine personal power. Tarot and Astrology for Growth and Development Zela’s individual mentorship and reading sessions use various spiritual tools to illuminate where individuals are currently on their personal journey to mobilize for manifestation, problem-solving and action and to create a flexible vision of a soul-aligned destination to strive for. While Sky Garden Tarot promotes radical self-love, there is always room for individual growth and spiritual development. Growth involves constant healing, maintenance and spiritual hygiene, and Zela’s expertise facilitates the process. Shadow work is a key tenet at Sky Garden Tarot, and Zela’s mentorship serves to support people through their personal evolutions. An emphasis on growth is not a criticism of the present moment, which should always be viewed in context and with self-compassion, and with the self-loving aim of progress, not perfection. Intentional Action Sky Garden Tarot teaches that insight is nothing without action. Sessions with Zela outline ways in which a person can put knowledge into practice, and assist with strategizing and breaking larger tasks into practical steps. Personal power and personal growth are paramount, forming the alchemical basis in an action-oriented paradigm. It is through action that individuals become the cosmic-conscious architects of their lives. Inclusivity Sky Garden Tarot’s ethos is one of inclusivity, Zela teaches that there is a space for everyone in this world, and that our diversity is to be safeguarded and celebrated. Individual all operate through different personal, socio-cultural and spiritual lenses and each of these are equally valid. Embracing all forms of uniqueness and resisting pressure to conform to a majority is an act of radical self-love in a world that persecutes outliers. Sky Garden Tarot aims to support the path of free-will and individuality where it empowers the individual and does not cause harm to others or the environment.

Opens at 9:00 o’clock

swissmedlaw GmbH

Reinhardstrasse 19, 8008 Zurich
Legal adviceLegal informationForensic medicineConsulting officeAttorneys at lawCoachingHospitalDoctors
Advice & coaching in medical and healthcare law

Swissmedlaw™ is the leading project of the renowned lawyer and entrepreneur Roland U. Straub, which specialises in tailor-made legal services and coaching offers. It was launched in response to the growing importance of medical and healthcare law in the everyday lives of the Swiss population. Roland Straub founded the sole proprietorship Swissmedlaw™ in Zurich in 2021 and has been offering first-class advice and services in the field of health and medical law ever since. Swissmedlaw™ not only covers the traditional areas of civil, commercial and contract law, but also offers in-depth advice and coaching on topics such as patient rights, the electronic patient dossier (EPD), health insurance and social security law, medical and hospital liability and the legal aspects of the federal eHealth initiative. The preparation and mediation of data protection opinions and medical party opinions are also among the core competences. The protection of personal rights and the right to informational self-determination are at the centre of all of Swissmedlaw™'s activities. The organisation supports the necessary cultural change by providing guidance and support to private individuals and organisations in order to use the achievements and innovations of digitalisation in the healthcare sector in a patient-friendly manner while maintaining comprehensive data protection.

Opens at 9:00 o’clock
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